This is a rebranding work of this NGO born in 1997.

Anime sees associativism and communitarian intervention as ways to highlight the real capacities of cooperation and its ability to become a very important condition of mobilization to the people that intend to be involved in society.
Its vision consists in a improvement of the quality of the daily life of the citizens by means of promoting associativism as a way to assemble efforts to reach goals and purposes.

Its values are:

- Values of solidarity and impartiality as a formative process of participative people, enhancing attitudes and not discriminatory behaviors (as ethnic, of gender, political, religious, or other);

- Values of intercultural education, the highest manifestation of relations among different people and culture, exalting cultural diversity;

- Ecovaluable and nature conservation values as 3 citizenship behavior in order to assure a balanced future for the environment.

Its first identity reached 12 years old, and for that I created something which represents those statements, so the meaning was to reveal a dinamic spirit and ludic charisma (showned in the group of globe and hands).

The globe is the only element that links with the old logo. I did this to show some respect with the age and the experience of this organization.

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